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WELCOME TO THE KEY GAME. A way to support local businesses.

We will do this every Monday during the day sometime. Between 10am-12pm.

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Winner? Yes Melissa Blevins is our winner this week.


Savanna Parker won on JULY 12 th

Katie Armstrong won on July 19th

Melissa Blevins won on July 23rd

THE TWO HALVES OF KEY hidden behind buttons

Prize: ?????????



1. Very simple, find the THE TWO HALVES of the key within the buttons and win a prize.

2. Key Game starts July 16, 2018 (Key will be hidden between 9am and 11am). Once you find both halves you send an email to foothillspublisher@gmail.com. We will alert you if you are the first.

3. Game will be on every MONDAY, as long as prizes are available. Please do not call our sponsors or Foothills Times. You will be called.

4. Your name will be listed here as our winner.

5. You press on the different buttons in Key Source and search for each half of the key. There will be a number located by each key half to send to us in an email.

6. The first email sent to foothillspublisher@gmail.com giving us the correct numbers will win.

Should be fun. Prizes will be listed. You can only win once a month.

Oh did we mention, you have to find  2 half keys?

Example of Number: 733