Brand ambassador/lifestyle model/fitness instructor that loves fashion and beauty, especially luxury products, but doesn’t like paying full-price for any of it. I’ve made it my mission to find great deals on some of the best products out there so you don’t have to!

However, at the end of the day, I believe our health and wellness is the most important investment we can make. I want to empower you to look and feel great, regardless of age or where you are in your wellness journey, with nutrition and exercise tips to help guide you toward your goals.

FOOTHILLS TIMES welcomes Anita Barber to our writing staff.

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I’ve done a lot of reflecting over the past several days regarding my blog. It’s been six months since I decided to make the blog a reality with the intention of inspiring others by sharing my life experiences and possibly earning a little extra cash along the way by sharing some of my favorite things.

I feel like for the most part I’ve done just that. Some of you have reached out to me directly and said so - and I appreciate that more than you know. Then there have been times I felt like no one gave a crap and I felt like I was wasting my time... but then there are stats I use to monitor engagement on my various platforms that told me otherwise. They were like “gurl, keep doing your thing!” 🤣HOWEVER, I think the coolest thing about this adventure has been what I’ve learned about myself and how much I’ve grown as a person.

I’ve had to get really serious about time management in order to juggle everything I’ve got going on to be able to put thought into, write and create content. I’m very picky about who and what I spend my time on because now I have to be. That has in turn eliminated some of the negative and/or energy sucking people and things that were taking up space in my life. That in itself has been a blessing.

I’ve also had to step out of my comfort zone. A lot. It takes some serious girl balls to put your naked face in front of a bright ass bathroom light for the whole world to see. We’ve all seen those “I woke up like this” posts in our social media feed that were taken in flattering natural light or filtered even when there’s supposedly. Yeah.

Or walking into a photo shoot, alone, with a roomful of models and/or bloggers that are 10-15+ yrs. younger than you and more experienced. There have been several times where I started doubting myself and felt like running out to my car and going tf home. But I didn’t. I’ve learned that you have no idea how things are going to turn out and you’ll never know if you don’t follow through. So far, so good.

I’ve also thought a lot about what I want to do moving forward. The biggest thing that stands out to me is my fitness career. I put my heart and soul into teaching dance fitness & circuit classes over the past seven years, before I decided to take a break, and worked my ass off to get ACE Certified. I’ve since been exploring other fitness formats and working on some personal goals. During my time off, I’ve started to feel more inclined to help others by sharing my personal fitness journey - my struggles, wins and sharing tips along the way - rather than teaching classes. I haven’t finalized that decision but it’s the direction I’m leaning towards. I still have a month or so to think about that 😉

Finally, I’ve learned that it’s okay to just be me. The me that’s sometimes awkward, likes to be alone more than she likes going out, the girl that loves to get dolled up but would rather spend most of her time in jeans, a tank top, and little to no makeup. All this time I thought people wouldn’t like me if I didn’t act or look a certain way. Turns out, the people that matter like my authentic self 😊