"YOUR STORY" magazine is under construction.

Hello again readers! Here we are with the first edition of YOUR STORY magazine.This new magazine is going to be focused on people. If you like to write, can you write about yourself? What are you experiencing, now and in the past?  Keep a positive spin. Write as much as you want. 

Perhaps you can write about your Hobbies, Your business, Fun Activities, Family, Your Pet, Vacationing, Corona Virus (positive spin), Exercise, Good Reads etc. If you are bold enough, YOUR LIFE? 

At the moment I will be placing 30 advertisers in this magazine for free, those businesses who have supported our parent magazine “Foothills Times”. Not that I can afford that, but its what's right...I feel so bad for everyone.  Even if a business is totally closed, they will be in here. If a other businesses want to advertise in this magazine, a quarter page ad will be $39.00 per month. Till further notice.

As always we appreciate your added support with advertising in this publication, feel free to contact me about such opportunities. This publication will be promoted in The Foothills Times magazine printed edition in NC and VA. The readership of that publication online and printed VERSION has a readership of over 350,000. Please like us on facebook and share our magazine with others.  Happy reading everyone! 

David Eriksen
Editor In Chief 
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Send YOUR STORY to:   foothillspublisher@gmail.com

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